Welcome to an outdoor world perfect for all, from beginners to expert!
Akan Caldera Adventure offers something for everyone.
From the volcanic activity that gave this land its shape, to the deep and vibrant forests,
these fields breathe with a life you can feel, with great traffic connections for easy access.
A world class, top-level field is right within reach!
Inspiring adventure awaits you as you come face to face with unspoiled primeval landscapes,
and rich and diverse wildlife!


Activities at Lake Akan, Hokkaido

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Experience the natural beauty of Akan up close through fun activities.

In Ainu language, "SIRI" means "the earth." In the vicinity of Lake Akan, you can enjoy a variety of activities that bring you close to nature.


Eastern Hokkaido's 3 National ParksOf the 6 national parks in Hokkaido, 3 are gathered in the eastern "Doto" region.

Eastern Hokkaido's 3 National Parks
  • Kushiro Wetland National Park

    Kushiro Wetland National Park

  • Akan Mashu National Park

    Akan Mashu National Park

  • World Natural Heritage Site Shiretoko National Park

    World Natural Heritage Site Shiretoko National Park


Akan Caldera's Natural Environment 

Akan Caldera's Natural Environment

Wild Animals of AkanThe forests and plains of the Akan Caldera are home to 9 families and 24 species of mammal,
including brown bears, Yezo sika deer, Yezo squirrels, and flying squirrels.

  • Wild Animals of Akan
  • Wild Animals of Akan