List of Activities in Lake Akan, Hokkaido

In Ainu language, "SIRI" means "the earth." In the vicinity of Lake Akan, you can enjoy a variety of activities that bring you close to nature.

  • Mountain Peak Snow Trekking

    1 adult¥16,500 tax included
    (Time for pick-up and drop-off by car included.)

    Strap on your snowshoes and embark through the forest towards a silvery snow-covered plateau, where you will find unparalleled views of Penketo and Panketo, two of Akan’s most mystery-shrouded lakes. And of course, you should expect memorable encounters with wildlife and amazing mountainscapes along the way.

  • Onneto hiking (winter)

    1 person16,500 yen (tax included)

    In this region, known as the national park of forests, lakes, and volcanoes, lies the stunningly blue, small lake called Onneto. Surrounding the area is one of the rare pure stands of Yezo spruce in the region. As you stroll leisurely through this primordial atmosphere, you'll be surrounded by trees over 300 years old, a carpet of moss, and alpine plants.

  • Fishing in Eastern Hokkaido (All-day)

    1 people¥44,000 tax included

    A guide with an intimate knowledge of the area will take you to various fields in Lake Akan and the surrounding area. You may have a chance to encounter various big games!
    *Groups of 2 or more will be charged an additional 27,500 yen tax included per person.

  • Akan Laketop Trekking

    1 person¥35,000 tax included

    This special snowshoe tour is designed to appreciate the many wonders of Lake Akan in winter. In addition to forest walks, this tour crosses the frozen laketop to Kojima Island. Along the way, you will experience the wonders of being surrounded by volcanic activity. Also try fishing for smelt and enjoy a laketop lunch!
    ■Tour Operated by Akan Adventure Tourism LLC
    * To sign up, please inquire by phone.

  • Early Morning Drive & Walk

    1 adult¥5,500 tax included

    Come and enjoy an easy early morning drive and walk in the phytoncide-filled forests and mountains of Lake Akan! With luck, you might catch a glimpse of Lake Akan's "sea of clouds," or a panorama of Mt. Oakan and Lake Akan!