List of Activities in Lake Akan, Hokkaido

In Ainu language, "SIRI" means "the earth." In the vicinity of Lake Akan, you can enjoy a variety of activities that bring you close to nature.

  • Bokke (mud volcano) Forest Walk

    Per Person¥5,500 tax included ※Minimum of 2 people is required.

    The Bokke Nature Trail, located in the Akan hot spring resort area, is a vibrant natural area where you can experience the charm of volcanoes, forests, and lakes. This tour will allow you to fully feel the breath of the primeval forest. Take a casual walk through the forest to the spot of a mud volcano (Bokke), which is proof that the land of Akan is alive. Your guide will show you the nature of the season.

  • Trek to an enigmatic lake shrouded in mystery

    Per Person¥11,000 tax included

    A tour through this wonderful and mystical lake born from ancient volcanic activity. You will be guided deep into the serene forests - to places many people will normally never have a chance to visit.

  • Invitation to the Mystical Forest( Hikari no Mori )PREMIUM TOUR

    Per Person¥13,200 tax included

    This premium forest walk is only allowed in company of a certified guide. Come to appreciate the forest conservation efforts of the Maeda Ippoen Foundation as you enjoy the wonders of the forest and its plants and animals. Highlights include the roots of Lake Akan Onsen and massive Japanese Judas trees.

  • North Lake Forest Adventure PREMIUM TOUR

    1 person *in case of 2 or more people¥16,500 tax included

    Only 10 people a day can take this enchanting tour with a certified guide. The hike follows a chalk stream (gentle river) as it passes through liverwort-rich primeval forest. Encounters with flora and fauna, including massive Mongolian oaks, are truly moving.
    Please note that the afternoon session (13:00 departure) is only available on Fridays.

    *In case of 2 or more people, ¥16,500 tax included per person.
    *In case of 1 person only, ¥33,000 (tax included).
    *Afternoon tour (13:00 departure) is only available from June to September.
    *The morning tour (departure at 9:00) can be arranged to include lunch: ¥11,000 per person (tax included).

  • Lake Akan, Akan River, Hyotan Pond Fishing Tour (All Day)

    1 people¥33,000 tax included   For 2rd and further persons +¥22,000 tax included

    Golden whitespotted char, the elusive Japanese huchen, kokanee native to Lake Akan, monster rainbow trout, and more! The trout of Lake Akan will leave you amazed!

    * Groups of 2 or more will be charged an additional 22,000 yen tax included per person.
    * Using a powerboat on Lake Akan is an additional 15,400 yen tax included.
    * Fishing lot entry fee not included
    * Ferry Shuttle service: 3,000 yen
    ◆ Apply 7 days in advance to use the powerboat.