• North Lake Forest Adventure PREMIUM TOUR

    1 person *in case of 2 or more people¥16,500 tax included

    Only 10 people a day can take this enchanting tour with a certified guide. The hike follows a chalk stream (gentle river) as it passes through liverwort-rich primeval forest. Encounters with flora and fauna, including massive Mongolian oaks, are truly moving.
    Please note that the afternoon session (13:00 departure) is only available on Fridays.

    *In case of 2 or more people, ¥16,500 tax included per person.
    *In case of 1 person only, ¥33,000 (tax included).
    *Afternoon tour (13:00 departure) is only available from June to September.
    *The morning tour (departure at 9:00) can be arranged to include lunch: ¥11,000 per person (tax included).

  • Lake Akan, Akan River, Hyotan Pond Fishing Tour (All Day)

    1 people¥33,000 tax included   For 2rd and further persons +¥22,000 tax included

    Golden whitespotted char, the elusive Japanese huchen, kokanee native to Lake Akan, monster rainbow trout, and more! The trout of Lake Akan will leave you amazed!

    * Groups of 2 or more will be charged an additional 22,000 yen tax included per person.
    * Using a powerboat on Lake Akan is an additional 15,400 yen tax included.
    * Fishing lot entry fee not included
    * Ferry Shuttle service: 3,000 yen
    ◆ Apply 7 days in advance to use the powerboat.

  • Fishing in Eastern Hokkaido (All-day)

    1 people¥44,000 tax included

    A guide with an intimate knowledge of the area will take you to various fields in Lake Akan and the surrounding area. You may have a chance to encounter various big games!
    *Groups of 2 or more will be charged an additional 27,500 yen tax included per person.

  • Early Morning Drive & Walk

    1 adult¥5,500 tax included

    Come and enjoy an easy early morning drive and walk in the phytoncide-filled forests and mountains of Lake Akan! With luck, you might catch a glimpse of Lake Akan's "sea of clouds," or a panorama of Mt. Oakan and Lake Akan!

  • Electric mountain bike tour

    1 adult¥9,900 tax include ¥16,500 tax included for one person only

    Ride an electric mountain bike to Mt. Hakuto observatory overlooking Lake Akan. A small adventure tour to experience the nature of forests, lakes and volcanoes with a guide.