• Lake Akan, Akan River, Hyotan Pond Fishing Tour (All Day)

    1 people¥33,000 tax included   For 2rd and further persons +¥22,000 tax included

    Golden whitespotted char, the elusive Japanese huchen, kokanee native to Lake Akan, monster rainbow trout, and more! The trout of Lake Akan will leave you amazed!

    * Groups of 2 or more will be charged an additional 22,000 yen tax included per person.
    * Using a powerboat on Lake Akan is an additional 15,400 yen tax included.
    * Fishing lot entry fee not included
    * Ferry Shuttle service: 3,000 yen
    ◆ Apply 7 days in advance to use the powerboat.

  • Early Morning Drive & Walk

    1 adult¥5,500 tax included

    Come and enjoy an easy early morning drive and walk in the phytoncide-filled forests and mountains of Lake Akan! With luck, you might catch a glimpse of Lake Akan's "sea of clouds," or a panorama of Mt. Oakan and Lake Akan!

  • Electric mountain bike tour

    1 adult¥9,900 tax include ¥16,500 tax included for one person only

    Ride an electric mountain bike to Mt. Hakuto observatory overlooking Lake Akan. A small adventure tour to experience the nature of forests, lakes and volcanoes with a guide.

  • Bokke (mud volcano) Forest Snow Walk

    1 adult¥11,000 tax included

    Explore the enchanting winter wonderland of Akan Mashu National Park, a realm of forests and volcanoes, with our delightful Snow Walk Tour. This experience allows you to effortlessly immerse yourself in the allure of the winter woods as you journey towards the mud volcano known as "Bokke," all while wearing snowshoes. Along the way, you'll encounter natural snow slides and other enjoyable attractions. *Recommended for children aged 7 to 12.

  • Trek to an enigmatic lake shrouded in mystery

    1 adult¥11,000tax included

    A tour through this wonderful and mystical lake born from ancient volcanic activity. You will be guided deep into the serene forests - to places many people will normally never have a chance to visit.