• Akan Forest Water Tour PREMIUM TOUR -Winter-

    1 adult¥8,400 +TAX
    1 child¥4,200 +TAX

    The forests of Akan are full of gushing springs! These woods abounding in clean water display a huge diversity of appearance. Walk along, and sometimes in, tiny streams. This tour of forest springs tells a playful story of wood and water.
    * Suitable for children age 7 to 12.

  • Akan Forest Fatbike Tour A touch of winter excitement!

    1 adult¥8,000 +TAX

    The fat-bike: a comfortable vehicle that will give you the mysterious sensation of floating. Hop on a fat bike and take to the woodland paths of Akan along with a guide. This remarkably exciting tour will take you through areas that can only be entered in the company of a specially-licensed guide!
    ■Tour Operated by Guide Shop I Mosir
    * To sign up, please inquire by phone.