Mt. Meakan Trekking: Akan Lakeside Course (12 km Round Trip)The distance is long, but the slope is gentle. There are plenty of highlights on this route, including places where sulfur can be seen on the path. An experienced guide well versed in Mt. Meakan will accompany you.
* Groups of 1 and 2 are the same price.
* Groups of 3 or more will be charged an additional 10,000 yen per person.

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Activity details

Price 1 to 2 people:¥60,000 +TAX ※The consumption tax rate will increase to 10% from October 1, 2019.
Duration(From gathering time to disbandment) Approx.7hours
Season June to October
Participation requirements ◆Clothing:Please prepare the following: Comfortable clothing (Long-sleeved shirt, long pants. Quick-drying synthetic fabrics would be suitable. Please avoid cotton products.), a hat, sunglasses, trekking boots (ones that cover your ankles and and have secure soles).
◆Items:Waterproof jacket and pants (also for warmth), an outer garment for cold weather (such as a fleece jacket or wool sweater), drinks that you can drink while climbing (1 liter or more), portable snacks (chocolate bars, salty candies, etc.), thin gloves, towels, trekking poles (not a requirement but would be useful) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
Number of people who can sign up 1 to 4 people
Reservation deadline 7 days prior
Payment methods Payment is accepted only at the venue.
Regarding cancellation / changes * Please give advance notice if you become unable to participate in the program.
* A fixed cancellation fee will apply when cancellation is made by the customer.
* Cancellation fees: 7 to 14 days prior: 10%. 2 to 6 days prior: 30 %. 1 day prior: 50%. Same day: 100%.

Meeting place

Meeting place Lake Akan Tsuruga Wings 1F
Meeting time ①7:00am ②8:00am
Location Lake Akan
1 to 2 people¥60,000 +TAX ※The consumption tax rate will increase to 10% from October 1, 2019.
June to October
Reservation deadline
7 days prior